3-5 Numeracy Foundations

Decolonizing Our Practice

Our BC K-12 mathematics curriculum was developed in collaboration and consultation with FNESC, the First Nations Education Steering Committee. Examples of Indigenous content and cultural practices connected to mathematics are included in the elaborations for our content learning standards. We also have curricular competency learning standards that name connections to Indigenous knowledge and culture specifically.

Some practices to consider as you think about decolonizing your mathematics teaching practices:

  • ​move to focusing more on understanding concepts and reasoning
  • value teamwork and collaboration, doing mathematics in community​
  • create opportunities for all students to contribute, ask questions, and share their thinking in ways that are safe and supportive of their learning
  • focus assessment practices on what students are able to do
  • mistakes are valued as part of the learning process
  • centre students doing mathematics together and with each other to begin a lesson and for the majority of lesson time
  • provide choice, different opportunities and timeframes for students to share what they know and can do in mathematics

with thanks to Carolyn Roberts for her teachings

The following are some resources to support your professional learning about Indigenous worldviews, and perspectives, Truth and Reconciliation, and decolonizing our teaching practice:​