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Assessment Tools

Within each grade-level framework, “Suggestions for Assessment” are included for each key concept and related week at a glance of lesson ideas. There is a learning progression provided for each key concept which supports developing indicators of proficiency. In the “Suggestions for Assessment” there are clearly described “what to look for” that support ongoing classroom-based assessment.


In a recent meeting with Renee Jordan, Classroom Assessment and Reporting Lead for the BC Ministry of Education and Childcare, she was very clear that curricular content and competencies are equally important and word in tandem together. This balance needs to be reflected in both instruction and assessment. The instructional tasks embedded in the lesson ideas provide examples of the many different ways that students experience the learning of mathematics and the variety of ways we can collect evidence of student learning.


Along with the assessment ideas shared in the grade-level frameworks, we are sharing some other Coast Metro and provincial assessment resources that are connected to our BC Mathematics curriculum.


BC Numeracy Network

The BC Numeracy Network has compiled a collection of resources to support BC educators as they consider the following assessment questions:

  1. How do I embed ongoing assessment into my practice?
  2. How do I know what my students know, can do, and understand? Where to next?
  3. How will my students know what they know, can do and plan for next steps?

Along with some grade-specific assessment tools here:


Island Numeracy Assessment

The Island Numeracy Network has updated their Island Numeracy Assessment tools to align with our current BC Mathematics Curriculum. There are a range of individual and collaborative assessment tools available for grades 3 and up.


BC K-12 Numeracy Performance Standards

The new BC K-12 Numeracy Performance Standards and supporting website and resources are due to be shared in the spring of 2023. We know that there will be indicators of proficiency and learning stories in these resources that will support classroom based assessment

SD38 Computational Fluency Questions

The following are a collection of K-7 math questions centred on grade-level content and competencies that focus on computational fluency. The questions are intended to be used in a talk-based interview or conference and can be used to track progress over the school year.



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