Coast Metro Math Project

French Resources

Many teachers across the province require specific resources to support the instruction of elementary math in French Immersion and Francophone classrooms. The following are a collection of some accessible elementary math resources in French:

Math Storytime (K-3)


Math focused picture books that can either be read by the student or read to them.

(also available as an app for iOS and Android)

select French Language

TouchCounts app (preK-grade 2) and TouchTImes app (grades 3 and up)

select French language

Number Talk Images (K-12)


how to use Number Talk Images in both English and French

SD38 Instructional Routines posters in French (K-9)

with thanks to Carrie Bourne for French translation


(scroll down page for posters)

Curio.ca (grades 4-12)

Collection of videos for Grades 4-12. Note that you need to set up an account with your district email address.



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