3-5 Numeracy Foundations

Math Materials

The following are a collection of math materials suggested for 3-5 classrooms: 

Unifix Cubes

(for introduction to bar graphs)

 Cuisenaire Rods

(to investigate fractions, multplication, and division)


 Pattern Blocks

(to investigate increasing and decreasing patterns, fractions, geometric shapes, area and perimeter)

 Numicon Shapes

(to investigate multiples, fractions
and decimals)

 Five and Ten Frames

​(to represent fractions and decimals)


​(to represent fractions and decimals)

 Base Ten Blocks

​(to represent, add and subtract three-digit numbers and decimal numbers to hundredths)


 Large Magnetic Ten Frames


 Interlocking Cubes



(to investigate polygons,
area and perimeter)

Loose Parts/Counters​

 Coding Arrows 


​*Please note that when possible, wood versions of materials (pattern blocks, Cuisenaire Rods, etc) are recommended both for durability and sensorial experience.

Most of the above materials can be found through Spectrum Educational HERE or at Collins Educational Supplies in Vancouver.

Numicon Shapes are available HERE and HERE.

Sumblox are available HERE and HERE.